© 2011 Tara Lee Burns

Top of head

This photo was taken during the 1st burial.

IMG_5316 is a photo of the top of Robin’s head to mid-pelvis.  Her golden hair and face are shown surrounded by dark, black soil.  She is looking up.  The exposed portions of her skin are luminous surrounded by soil.  The photo shows exposed portions of her left shoulder and collarbone and part of her right collarbone and shoulder.  The right side of her stomach and belly button and a portion of her left elbow and hand are exposed.  A sapling is growing beside the left side of her neck and bright green moss is growing near her left hand and to the left of her belly button.  A mushroom is growing above her right index finger.  This photo was taken on September 11, 2011 at 10:24 AM.  The temperture was about 65 degrees in Highland Lake, NY at the time.

Photo taken by Tara Lee Burns of Robin Neveu Brown

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