© 2011 Tara Lee Burns

Profile head to mid-stomach

This photo was taken during the 3rd burial.

IMG_5480 is a supine profile photo of  Tara’s head to mid-stomach.  Her eyes are open and focused straight up.  A rock is visible above her right shoulder.  Her breasts are covered by glistening, wet mud and rocks.  The sun illuminates her exposed skin.  It is not apparent that parts of her body are submerged.  It looks as though she is lying on water, but is not submerged.  Rocks, water and foliage are visible in the background.  This photo was taken on September 13, 2011 at 11:17 AM.  The temperature was about 66 degrees in Highland Lake, NY at the time.

Photo taken by Robin Neveu Brown of Tara Lee Burns

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