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Rehearsal Recap: Week 3 - Moon Solo
Posted on February | 27 | 2011
In rehearsal with Robin this week we got the chance to explore the projection of the moon in turn creating a new section within the solo.

Prior to rehearsal I created a series of projections of the moon passing from stage left to right, diagonally and a mixture of both as well as different sizes, i.e. having the moon encompass the whole stage, floor to ceiling, and the same size and smaller than the back projected surface. By creating and repeating a structured improvisation score, we discerned that the image of the whole moon projected on the back wall was the most visually satisfying and also allowed her to explore the entire moon.

Within our improv score we included the following rules:
  • To keep her shadow inside the moon

  • To explore the edges of the moon with different edges of her body

  • To try to stay in the center of the moon

  • To move downstage 3x and upstage 3x

We created a spacial trajectory allowing her to press off the surface of the moon, then notice her shadow as she came away, introduce a shadow that encompassed the whole moon and finally slip out of the moon. As we repeated the improv, we found several specific moves that we kept constant within the improv and let all other movements be chosen by Robin as long as she stayed on the set spacial trajectory.

Moon Solo Rehearsal from Tara Lee Burns on Vimeo.

Robin Neveu Brown rehearses a solo from The Making of Statues on 2/22/11. We have been exploring her relationship to the moon through structured improvs inside the moon, allowing her shadow to explore the inside of the moon, to move the moon, lie down in the moon, fill up the moon, touch the edges of the moon, etc.

Robin, I think we should test you out in light colored clothing next rehearsal.  — Tara Feb. 27, 2011 at 9:54AM