design: about I design for creative clients.

Using a design-driven creative process rooted in visual and performing arts, I collaborate with clients for visually satisfying, striking and individual solutions that function intuitively and enhance user experience.

I have created websites, print materials and projections/animations for Adele Myers and Dancers, Alexandra Beller/Dances and Sandi Sissel, to name a few.

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what they think...

"Tara has been my IT savior for a very long time. Aside from doing a brilliant website design (from beginning to end) she does every graphic, eblast, postcard, etc. that I send out. She is the brander, designer, and engineer of all our social and technological media and she's efficient, fabulous and creative. She has also been my artistic collaborator on animation projections for performance and she was quick, accommodating, clever and industrious. I am so lucky that she has been willing to work so closely with me for so long and hope to continue to collaborate with her in many capacities well into the future."
• Alexandra Beller, Artistic Director, Alexandra Beller/Dances

"I needed help. My first request was for videos to stream quickly on both a computer and an iPhone. She found a way to make my site personal, entertaining yet informative. And better yet, you I can see it on an iPhone. I've found a collaborator."
• Sandi Sissel, ASC

"Tara Burns is a website rock star! She is effortlessly accommodating and very efficient in her communication as well as product. It was a pleasure working with her as I felt part of the process at all times, from inception to fine tuning. I will definitely continue using her through the coming years! This recommendation comes without any hesitation."
• Nicole Marie Smith, Artistic Director of Project:Smith Dance